How We're Helping


Supplying the underpriveladged community with food. We also hold Chili Cookoffs!


Funding shelters for the homeless and those suffering form domestic abuse.


Helping families provide Christmas to their children. Giving gifts to those who need it most.

Chase The Blues Away

Celebrate Mardi Gras with us at our annual fundraiser!
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Giving Back

Organizations We Believe In

Seven Hills Homeless Shelter

Ozark Guidance

Prarie Grove Senior Center

Susan Chase



The Chase Family Foundation is whole heartedly devoted to reach out to the hands of those in less fortunate situations. Whether it is pain, poverty or those who have dedicated themselves to bettering their troubled past, The Chase Family Foundation willingly accepts those who are in a time of need.

We strive to keep the passion of helping our communities alive, fulfilling the dream that Mr. Rex and Glada Chase had for our citizens. Together, we can make the communities of Northwest Arkansas and the Ozarks an even better place live while knowing that our communities support each other and come together to improve the quality of life for citizens.

We ask that you join us in putting an end to our neighbors suffering during hard times, providing shelter for the cold, food for the hungry, and education for the underprivileged. Together we can support our communities. If you feel led to donate to our cause, we promise that your donation will be making a difference in our communities. Together, we will ensure that Mr. and Mrs. Chase did not leave behind an empty page, but a legacy that will continue to serve you, and the citizens of our beautiful communities.

We are the support that the less fortunate need. We are the beds for the homeless to sleep in. We are the food to nourish the hungry. We are the passion of benevolence that reflects our communities.

We are Chase.

"There are no words to tell you what a difference your gifts have made in my own life as well as the lives of so many others. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. May God bless you with tenfold more."

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