Author: Peggy Gilliland

Rockfish Website Redesign


The Chase Family Foundation would like to thank Rockfish, a web design agency and a group of web design students from the Web Design 2 class taught by Professor Thomas Hapgood at the U of A. The Chase Family Foundation is one of two nonprofits chosen by Rockfish to receive a free fully-developed website. We are so very honored. On Tuesday, May the 5th the students final product will be ready for us to choose from. The students designing for the Chase Family Foundation are: Stephanie Abide, Michael Beaulieu,Trent Daniel, Hayden Luckenbach, Greg Reed, Courtney Ulrich, and Casey Yang. Each student is so talented it will be hard to pick just one to be our official website. Again, thank you!!

3rd Annual Chase The Blues Away


THANK YOU so much to everyone who turned up last night for our 3rd Annual Chase the Blues Away! We had an amazing crowd, the food was delicious and Mermaids Seafood Restaurant did a fantastic job of hosting. The little snow blizzard was beautiful to see, and thankfully ended very quickly and didn’t leave too big of a mess behind.

We have numerous silent auction items that were bid on and not picked up, and we will be making phone calls over the next few days to get those into the buyers hands.

We cannot do the work we do without YOU – THANK YOU.

We will post pictures of the event and photo booth area in the coming weeks – and generally have hundreds to sift through!

Thanks for making this the best event to date.

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