3rd Annual Chase The Blues Away

THANK YOU so much to everyone who turned up last night for our 3rd Annual Chase the Blues Away! We had an amazing crowd, the food was delicious and Mermaids Seafood Restaurant did a fantastic job of hosting. The little snow blizzard was beautiful to see, and thankfully ended very quickly and didn’t leave too […]

Chase The Blues Away Poster

Here’s our official poster for our 3rd Annual Chase the Blues Away event!!! Thank you Glazer’s and Erika Haase for doing such incredible work on this – it’s perfect!!! Got your tickets yet?? Come on, come join us – let’s celebrate and raise money to help those most in need in NWA! Can’t wait to […]

CitiScapes Best Philanthropic Foundation Nomination

The Chase Family Foundation is honored to be named First Runner-Up for Best Philanthropic Foundation in Northwest Arkansas. We could not do what we do without all of you! Thank you!